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How iPROTECT can grow your business

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Want to increase revenue while helping your clients should they become victims of unwanted identity theft? Register to offer iPROTECT within your tax practice and learn how quickly you can take advantage of this income opportunity.

Earn revenue

Earn up to $46* for every client you enroll in iPROTECT, based on your customized selling price.

Performance tracking

Sales history and commission tracking allowing you full visibility into your revenue performance.

Seamless client enrollment

Client enrollment, user agreement, and invoicing are integrated into the tax software for your convenience.

Increase renewal rates

Increase client loyalty by providing a comprehensive financial surveillance service beyond tax preparation.

7% of adults have their identities misused resulting in an average of $3,500 in losses.
Without an ID theft solution, it takes the average victim an estimated $500 and 30 hours to resolve each ID theft crime.

4 Reasons Your iPROTECT

Clients Will Thank You


Affordable & Competitive

iPROTECT is affordable and competitively priced to compete with other nationally advertised services.


Proactive Monitoring Services

Your clients’ identities are monitored around the clock for potential threats. They’ll be notified if suspicious activity is detected.


Restoration Services

In the event of an identity breach, iPROTECT will provide a dedicated case manager to assit 24/7 with the recovery efforts.


Lost Wallet Assistance

In the event your wallet is lost or stolen, the iPROTECT identity restoration team will work with you to cancel and re-order your wallet contents, including credit cards, debit cards, driver’s license, and more.

Total Monitoring Services

The iPROTECT Surveilance program monitors billions of data records on a daily basis from sources such as:

New & Existing Credit Card Accounts
DMV Records
Wireless Carrier Applications
Government Databases
Real Estate Records
Auto/Consumer/Payday Loans
Court Records
Checking Accounts & Check Orders
Criminal Records
Utility Accounts

Real Clients. Real Results

It's time to take action

As millions of individuals become victims of identity theft each year, the need for optimized monitoring and restoration services increases. Through iPROTECT’s program, your tax customers are able to better protect what matters most; namely their livelihood and ability to support their loved ones. With continuous monitoring, alert notifications, and 24/7 control, users can rest easy knowing they’re covered with iPROTECT.

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